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The internet has made the world smaller, connecting companies and individuals alike to a global audience. In the hands of the unscrupulous, this powerful tool can cause great harm to innocent parties. For those struggling in this challenging new world, we provide solutions - counseling and legal remedies should the worst happen.

Digital financial transactions are the future of commerce - a future accelerated by the demonetization process. While this form of transactions offers convenience and accountability into the system, it also exposes finances to the ingenuity of hackers around the world. We work to protect both service providers and users from the specters of fraud and hacking - both as a preventative measure, and also to mitigate the damage caused.

In the modern world, social media represents more and more of a person's reputation. This makes hacking of those accounts especially damaging. We help clients seek redress for these heinous crimes through every legal remedy - penal as well as civil - and provide counseling to minimize the damage caused.

When copywritten works are posted online without consent with claim of ownership by a fraudulent party, it cuts into the work's profitability and takes away control from the producers and puts it into the hands of pirates. We help victims of piracy by delivering notices of violations, filing takedown orders against ISPs and hosts, and pursuing pirates to the fullest extent of the law.

Companies often handle sensitive data. Disgruntled or dishonest employees often take advantage of their access to this data, and steal it for illegitimate purposes. We assist employers in protecting sensitive data from employee theft. This includes counseling on mitigating the risk of stolen data, drafting employment and non-disclosure agreements to disincentive theft, handling disputes with clients affected by any stolen data, and seeking compensation and indemnification from data-thieves.

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