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Our lawyers with expertise diverse fields have successfully assisted clients in general legal matters and various litigations.

Based on numerous litigation experiences, our legal team is trying to obtain the best results for clients even for big, complicated disputes in a most effective manner in a short time. In particular, to offer clients fully satisfactory and beneficial results to clients in all litigation cases, our legal team is composed of lawyers who can provide specialized services in each field and is trying to reflect our clients' opinion during litigating proceedings.

[Civil Lawsuit] Civil lawsuits are procedures in which economic or status disputes occurring between individuals or groups and/or in a country are made to be resolved legally and compulsorily by jurisdiction. As a society becomes versatile and specialized, modern civil lawsuits are expanded from private disputes between individuals to group disputes with respect to transactions between an individual and a company and between companies. Further, civil disputes show complex characteristic as they are getting associated with issues in other fields, such as finance, construction, real estate, fair trade, insurance, etc.

[Criminal Lawsuit] Criminal lawsuits are a series of procedures in which the defendant charged by a prosecutor is found to be guilty or innocent by a court and, if found guilty, the defendant is sentenced to punishment by the government.

[Administrative Lawsuits] In the professional or technical industrial field, the discretion or authority of administrative offices is regarded important. As such, where there is any opinion contrary to administrative offices and their business activities, a need to preliminarily resolve disputes with the administrative offices before the disposition of regulation is increasing. In particular, the reinforcement of administrative procedures enables companies to actively reflect their position at the administrative procedures prior to lawsuits, thereby executing their rights of defense against anticipatively unfavorable administrative dispositions.

[Commercial Law] By analyzing the legislations and precedents relating to the Commercial Act, the Insurance Business Act, the General Clauses Regulation Act, etc., we provide various litigation services such as claiming insurance resulting from accidents, claiming reimbursements, etc. and legal services for marine such as the legal interpretation of vessel collision, bill of loading, etc.

Additionally, we provide overall legal services such as lodging an administration lawsuit to appeal the decision of the Fair Trade Commission, which is rendered with respect to violation of the Fair Competition Act and filing a claim for damages or criminal lawsuit for the violation.

[Family Litigation, Inheritance Litigation] As drastic changes such as the abolishment of the patriarchal family system, the introduction of property division system and gender equality in inheritance are brought into society, new values and legal solutions reflecting them are given a lot of importance.

Major Practice

  • Damage claims, preservation lawsuits, etc.
  • Corporate criminals, IP right infringement, unfair transaction, violation of the Customs Act, violent crimes, economic crimes (fraud, embezzle, malpractice, etc.), traffic crimes, etc.
  • Administrative trials, administrative lawsuits, representation of administrative proceedings, representation of or participation in inter partes lawsuits, etc.
  • Finance, stock, insurance, marine, fair transactions, etc.
  • Divorce, property division, inheritance, legal reserve of inheritance, inheritance tax, gift tax, etc.

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