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Ship & Yacht Registrations

We provide bespoke yacht and ship registration services through our agents based in various jurisdictions to meet our clients' needs. Our services cover the areas such as the Isle of Man, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands, Channel Islands. Our aim is to remove the administrative burden off yacht owners to enable them to enjoy their journeys on the sea. Our services extend from yacht registration to providing a complete yacht management service through a dedicated point of contact.

Our services cover all aspects of yacht management and administration which can be tailored according to the level of assistance required. They range from the payment of day-to-day expenses, overseeing the recruitment of crew and ensuring that all manning requirements are met, book-keeping and the preparation of financial statements. As a valuable and prized asset, it is imperative that all our clients' yachts carry fully comprehensive insurance against all marine risks. We are also able to negotiate favourable premiums through our contacts with specialist brokers and underwriters whilst ensuring the maximum level of cover for clients and their yachts.

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